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RC4 Wireless Warranty

RC4 Wireless warranty policies are the best in the business.  If you don’t agree, let us know why.

Seven-Day Easy Return

You may return any new RC4 Wireless Products delivered to you within the last seven days for a refund, excluding custom engineered and/or custom manufactured items. We regret that we cannot refund the shipping charges, or pay for shipping the item back to us. We will not hassle you with mountains of paperwork, but we do require that items be returned unused in the original packaging.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

The RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3 warranty is the best in the business. If your RC4Magic Series 2 or Series 3 product is not working properly and you didn’t misuse or abuse it, we’ll fix it.

For Free.  Forever.

We announced our lifetime warranty policy in March 2013.  It is retroactive to all users of RC4Magic Series 2 devices, no matter when they were purchased.

For the first 90 days that you own our products, we will even cover the shipping costs for ground service within North America (continental USA, Canada, and Mexico), not including customs fees when crossing any international border.  After the first year, shipping costs are your responsibility — shipping is all you pay, using the service provider and service level of your choice.

In most cases (solely at the discretion of RC4 Wireless) when you notify us of a problem, we promptly ship a replacement unit, along with packaging for return of your old one.  The replacement may be refurbished, rather than new, but will be in like-new condition.  The same lifetime warranty applies to the replacement, just as if it was the unit you originally purchased.

Disclaimers We Must Make

All repair periods are subject to parts availability, and do not apply to holidays or our corporate vacation times. For critical projects, we recommend purchasing spare equipment.

You cannot use our equipment in a show, then return it for a refund: our warranty is not a free rental program.

Our warranty does not apply to devices that have been abused, misused, or mishandled. We will not be responsible for physical damage, failures caused by incorrect wiring, electrical overloading and/or over-voltage, overheating caused by insufficient ventilation, or damage caused by insufficient packaging during shipping.  This is not a complete list of all exclusions.

We will not be responsible for counterfeit or look-alike products not originally manufactured by RC4 Wireless.

If you smashed it with a sledgehammer, used it under water, applied high voltage to it, set it on fire, or anything else that a majority of peers would acknowledge was a bad idea, we’ll need to charge you for repairs or for a replacement device.

We will not be responsible for consequential damages to other equipment, or for lost revenues. We do not guarantee our equipment to be suitable for applications other than those discussed in our application notes and brochures. In particular, no RC4 products should ever be used to control pyro devices.

Published power output ratings of some items are accurate only at specific voltages, duty-cycles, and operating temperatures. Some items may require additional cooling and/or protection circuitry to operate reliably with certain loads. Call RC4 Wireless for advice if you are unsure about any operating characteristics.

If your account payments are not up to date, we reserve the right to withhold service until payment is received.

RC4 Wireless pricing, warranty terms, and technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

For all other RC4 products, including LumenDim, W-DIM, RC6 Safe Wireless Motion, DCshow64, and original RC4Magic (yellow label), parts and labor are covered for one full year.  Our lifetime warranty applies only to RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3.


Out of Warranty Service Policy

For RC4 Wireless technology other than RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3 requiring servicing after the first year, and for RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3 items that are not covered under warranty, our regular shop rate will apply and parts will be billed at nominal rates. You pay the shipping charges both ways. Service work is warranted for thirty days.

We want you to be a happy and satisfied customer. Please help us serve you better by letting us know exactly what you need. Thank You!