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“We absolutely love RC4! At our theatre, we run over 800 performances a year in rotating rep, and reliability is key to our success. RC4 has never let us down!”

Man Vaughny

Lighting Dept. Manager, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“RC4 gear is incredibly robust, easy to work with and manage. Whether I’m driving RGBW LEDs in a practical, distributing DMX wirelessly, or triggering a Tiny Fogger — RC4 Does That.”

Andrew Vance

Master Electrician, Alley Theatre

“RC4, again and again, has proven its value and worth through innovation and support. I can’t imagine creating the art we do without RC4 products and support.”

Zach Murphy

Head of Lighting, Public

RC4 Magic 2.4SX

The mostly widely used 2.4GHz Wireless Dimming and DMX System in the world.  RC4 Private System IDs ensure no two systems can ever interfere. RC4Magic Series 3 Harmonized Design, released in 2014, is feature rich, and is the preferred wireless system for Cirque du Soleil, Disney parade floats, and much more. Find out more »

RC4 Magic 900SX

Avoiding the congested 2.4GHz space, RC4Magic-900 delivers all the features of RC4Magic Series 3 in the 902-928MHz band with 4x the RF power and extended range.  With ZERO interference from WiFi and Bluetooth, RC4Magic-900 delivered exterior Wireless DMX for Super Bowl XLIX. Find Out More »

RC4 LumenDim

With genuine LumenRadio CRMX RF inside, RC4 Wireless LumenDim devices bring all the innovation of RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design to the world of Lumen Radio Wireless DMX.  With best-in-class wireless RDM and excellent 2.4GHz performance, LumenDim is a great addition to any Lumen Radio or W-DMX-based system. Find Out More »


Wireless Solution W-DMX has become a defacto standard in Wireless DMX worldwide.  RC4 Wireless W-DIM devices with genuine Swedish W-DMX RF cards inside deliver the full RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design wireless dimming experience to existing W-DMX users. Find Out More »