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The Most Trusted Wireless Dimmers for Stage, Screen, and beyond.

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RC4 Magic 2.4GHz

The mostly widely used 2.4GHz Wireless Dimming and DMX System in the world.  RC4 Private System IDs ensure no two systems can ever interfere. RC4Magic Series 3 Harmonized Design, released in 2014, is feature rich, and is the preferred wireless system for Cirque du Soleil, Disney parade floats, and much more.

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RC4 Magic 900SX

Avoiding the congested 2.4GHz space, RC4Magic-900 delivers all the features of RC4Magic Series 3 in the 902-928MHz band with 4x the RF power and extended range.  With ZERO interference from WiFi and Bluetooth, RC4Magic-900 delivered exterior Wireless DMX for Super Bowl XLIX.

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RC4 LumenDim

With genuine LumenRadio CRMX RF inside, RC4 Wireless LumenDim devices bring all the innovation of RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design to the world of Lumen Radio Wireless DMX.  With best-in-class wireless RDM and excellent 2.4GHz performance, LumenDim is a great addition to any Lumen Radio or W-DMX-based system.

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Wireless Solution W-DMX has become a defacto standard in Wireless DMX worldwide.  RC4 Wireless W-DIM devices with genuine Swedish W-DMX RF cards inside deliver the full RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design wireless dimming experience to existing W-DMX users.

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Show-stopping Effects Made Easy.

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Lighten Up is an event lighting company based in Los Angeles. We have been using RC4’s DMXpix Dual Pixel String Drivers as well as their DMX4dim-500 units, and are extremely happy with the quality and reliability of the units themselves and their results.
Recently using the DMX4dim-500 on a large scale for a private event, I found dimming to be smooth and beautiful event while programming effects at very low intensities.
Implementation of wireless control using the DMXio Data Transceivers was a snap, and everything ‘just worked’ upon the initial system setup and test, and throughout the event.
I will most certainly be using their gear for future projects.
Customer service has been particularly good as well. Questions were answered thoroughly and quickly and I felt as though there was always someone available in case of any issues.
Brian Kim

Design Execution and Management, Light It Up Inc.

“Ever since learning about RC4, there is one phrase in the studio for every project. You know what we need? Wireless dimmers”

“The versatility of  their devices allow me to realize ideas that I previously could not have. My kinetic light project entitled “Unique” depended on the wireless control of both lighting and motors. RC4 was able to deliver the exact functionality that I needed.”

“When I have a crazy idea and no idea how to achieve it, the first person I call is Sean at RC4. Their collaborative nature is unlike any company I have ever worked with. I am already thinking about how to execute my next idea and it needs the RC4 Magic.” Tupac Martir

Founder/Artist/CreativeDirector, Satore Studios

“We absolutely love RC4!  At our theatre, we run over 800 performances a year in rotating rep, and reliability is key to our success.  RC4 has never let us down!  We have a system in all three of our MainStage theaters.  The RC4 system is easy to use, incredibly dependable, and has really expanded our capacity to create unique illuminating objects for the stage. Plus with RC4 you know  you can expect excellent customer service in the unlikely event something goes wrong.” Mac Vaughey

Lighting Dept. Manager, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

“We were in a real pickle. The RC4 team really saved us with their quick response and bulletproof equipment. The mystery of The Lost Colony may never be solved, but thanks to RC4, we can keep telling the tale. I would not hesitate to put RC4 on every show I design. It simply works.” Joshua Allen

Lighting Designer, The Lost Colony

“RC4 gear is incredibly robust, easy to work with, and manage. Whether I’m driving RGBW LEDs in a practical, distributing DMX wirelessly, or triggering a Tiny Fogger — RC4 Does That.”

Andrew Vance

Master Electrician, Alley Theatre

“From having a drone remotely drop a package on cue into Daniel Radcliffe’s hands, to making 200 candles remotely dance and glow in the original production of Hamilton, RC4, again and again, has proven its value and worth through innovation and support. I can’t imagine creating the art we do without RC4 products and support.” Zach Murphy

Head of Lighting, Public Theatre

What is wireless DMX?

Wireless DMX 512 simply replaces DMX 512 cables in a lighting system. Instead, the data from the controller goes into a DMX connector on a wireless transmitter, and the data moves wirelessly through the air. A receiver picks up that data and reproduces it on a DMX connector. For the user, it works just like a cable, but without the wire.

Good quality wireless DMX is carefully engineered to avoid delays in the process of transmitting and receiving, and not suffer dropouts that might be caused by other wireless technology in the vicinity. The top four wireless DMX systems do this so well that the reliability of the wireless connections surpasses the reliability of the wired connections for some metrics; the likelihood of channel jumping or ghosting is much lower for wireless than for wired, because the original DMX protocol from 1986 does not provide error detection or correction. All reputable wireless DMX systems use sophisticated methods to avoid and eliminate data errors.

Who can use wireless DMX?

Wireless DMX is ideal for individuals using wired DMX equipment who would like to get rid of cables, or avoid having to install them.

In theatre, it is used, along with wireless dimming, to get DMX data to mobile set pieces and small props. It can also be used to move data from the main DMX controller to fixtures up on a pipe, or in a dimmer rack, or anywhere else.

In motion picture production, wireless DMX is used to control lighting inside vehicles, on building rooftops, and much more.

Churches, museums and architectural restorations can use wireless DMX to easily add new lighting to existing facilities, without needing to break walls to run cables.

DJs can eliminate unsightly cables running along the floor and around doorways by using wireless DMX to control lighting trees, cop-lights, fog machines, and special effects.

In large arena and stadium productions, from music shows to cirque performances to sports half-time shows, wireless DMX is used to reduce setup times by eliminating the need to feed cables and then reel them back in. Wireless DMX can also be used in costumes and in specialty items like LED infused microphones and guitars.

How hard is it to use wireless DMX?

It’s not. Wireless DMX replaces cables, is quick and easy to use, and is reliable for significant distances.

Wireless DMX users need to be aware of other wireless systems in use, and if their system is interfering with other systems. They also need to think about DMX security, and take steps to make sure their system can’t be hacked. RC4’s System IDs eliminate that concern.

The venue itself is another concern. The technology needed in a stadium or arena is different that the ideal technology for a black-box theatre.

Do end users need any special skills to work with wireless DMX?

The best wireless DMX systems, regardless of the target market and the application, are plug-and-play. Some require one or two simple button presses to pair receivers with transmitters. Others work right out of the box with no need to touch anything at all.

Where can I learn more about working with wireless DMX?

The RC4 Knowledge Base has a wide variety of videos that highlight our products, and help users do things like run a servo motor, light a dollar store flicker candle, color match pixel strips and work with PWM frequencies. It’s at

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