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RC4 HotPatch™

With all that’s going on inside RC4 Series 3 dimmers – wired and wireless DMX data, the RC4 Flkr Engine™, the HSL color controller – a means of routing signals from place to place is needed.  RC4 HotPatch™  is the answer.

In the default mode, dimmers are directly controlled by the DMX channels they are assigned to.  The RC4 Flkr Engine™  and HSL color controller are bypassed and ignored.  From there, RC4 HotPatch™ provides eight other dimmer configurations as starting points.  When using RC4Magic Series 3 dimmers, RC4MagicPC allows these configurations to be further customized by individually routing dimmers to particular data sources.

The ability to patch and route RC4 Series 3 features and functions is remarkably powerful.

For example, one of the available configurations routes the output of the RC4 Flkr Engine™ to the input of the HSL color controller, and HSL then drives dimmer levels.  This allows the Flkr Engine to modulate Hue, Saturation, and Level, rather than directly modulating dimmers, creating a markedly different range of looks than is produced when the Flkr Engine directly drives the dimmers.