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DMXio Data Transceiver (rental)

A pair of RC4Magic Series 3 DMXio units replaces a DMX data cable in lighting control applications. They work reliably to 200 feet (65m) or more inside theatres and other performance spaces. It is easily configured as a transmitter or receiver with the push of a button, and remembers the current settings until you change them.  The DMXio is also the transmitter for RC4Magic wireless dimmers, including the DMX2dim, DMX4dimDMX4dim-500, and more. Each RC4Magic Series 3 system is factory programmed with three unique system IDs. RC4 IDs serve as system identifiers and encryption keys, ensuring interference-free operation anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

New for Series 3: The RC4Magic Series 3 DMXio plus an RC4 CodeLoader can be used as a dongle with our RC4MagicPC software.  You don’t always need an RC4 Dongle anymore!


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