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RC4Magic DMXfb Full-Bridge Versatile Wireless Dimmer


This versatile device can ring a telephonedim EL-wire and other electroluminescent materials; control a DC motor with direction and speed control; and dim lamps and LEDs.

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Product Details

The RC4Magic DMXfb is the most versatile wireless dimmer hardware ever created.  This small wireless device can ring a telephone bell; silently and smoothly dim EL-wire and other electroluminescent materials (no buzz or hum at all!); control a DC motor with direction and speed control; and smoothly dim lamps and LEDs, flicker free with no visible stepping.

The secret behind the DMXfb is sophisticated synthesis of AC (alternating current) waves.  Think of it as a tiny AC-inverter with real-time DMX-control of frequency,  amplitude, and waveform.  And with all the features of a DC dimmer also included, there is nothing this little device can’t do.

This is a single-channel dimmer in the same package size as our popular DMX4dim 4-channel dimmer.  It has a wide DC input voltage range, and has no external antenna to get in the way.



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