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Rental Conditions

All rentals are in US Dollars ($USD). We accept payment with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

In additional to rental fees, a nominal shipping charge applies, and a security deposit is required.  All of this must be paid in full before we ship your items.  Upon return of the items in reasonable condition, we will promptly return your deposit.

The rental period is from when you receive the requested items, to the day you give them to a courier for return.  Shipping time is never counted, even if there are shipping delays.  Please enter your desired dates below, from the day you wish to receive the items to the day you will ship them back.

If you are adding rental pieces to an existing RCMagic Series 2 system, you must confirm your 3 System ID codes.  Each code is 4 hexadecimal digits (numbers from 0 – 9 and letters from A – F, be careful to not confuse B and 8).

After you submit your requirements, we will contact you to confirm that stock is available, arrange for signatures on a formal rental contract, and process your payment.  This online submission is non-binding for both you and RC4 Wireless.  You may choose to cancel at any time for any reason.  If, after paying for your rental, you choose to return your items early, the rental charge for the time you used will be determined and the difference will be refunded.  If you choose to rent for a longer period then the rental fee for the entire period will be recalculated and you will be charged only the difference.

Should you decide to purchase the items you have rented, we will credit half of your rental charge towards the purchase price.  RC4 Wireless reserves the right to refuse a rental request for any reason whatsoever.

Feel free to contact us at any time for additional details and information.