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RC4Magic DMX2flkr

DMX2flkr 2-Channel Wireless Dimmer with RC4 Flkr Effects Engine


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Fire and flicker effects are a big part of how wireless dimming is used everyday.  The RC4Magic DMX2flkr provides two wireless dimmers, together with our powerful, DMX-controlled RC4 Flkr Effects Engine.  From a candlestick to a fire barrel, it’s easy to configure multiple effects across your stage, with similar or entirely different appearances.

Using just a few DMX channels for control, you can quickly create the independent, non-repeating ebb and flow of natural flame or glowing embers with wide range of speed, intensity, randomness, and shimmer.  Generate the “buzz” of arc welding, the dance of light and shadow cast by a tv screen, a simple candle flame, and much more.  The RC4 Flkr Effects Engine is a tool for creating unique, personalized looks, not prepackaged or canned effects.

For maximum flexibility when using multiple flkr units, two DMX channels are assigned: one as device Master Fader, and the other as the start of 11 contiguous Effect Controls.  This allows multiple devices to use the same control channels, but have independent master faders — ideal for, say, controlling the brightness of several different barrel fires on stage at once.

RC4Magic DMX2Flkr 8-Channel DMX profile:

– Master Fader

Separately Addressed Contiguous Effect Controls:
– A level (base control channel)
– B level (base+1)
– LFO triangle: depth to color A, CENTER-OFF (base+2)
– LFO triangle: depth to color B, CENTER-OFF (base+3)
– LFO frequency (base+4)
– random: depth to LFO frequency (base+5)
– random: depth to A, B (base+6)

The DMX2flkr can be easily switched between flicker effects mode and standard 2-channel DMX2dim mode.  DMX channel, dimmer curve, and all other settings are maintained separately for each mode, allowing quick switching back and forth without the need to reconfigure.

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