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RC4Magic DMxio, DMX2dim, DMX4dim

RC4Magic DMxio, DMX2dim, DMX4dim

RC4Magic Series 2 is no longer in production.  It has been replaced by the newer and more versatile RC4Magic Series 3 system, which is 100% compatible with existing RC4Magic Series 2 equipment.


The award-winning* RC4Magic Series 2 wireless DMX and wireless low-voltage dimming system delivers high performance on a budget. As reliable as wire with a range of 200 feet (67m) or more, there is no better way to control lighting and special effects in props, practicals, and set pieces.  Getting a DMX signal to an unusual location is effortless, with no unsightly wiring.

RC4 has been doing this since 1991, and only RC4 offers a lifetime warranty on every piece of our RC4Magic system.  And for even greater peace-of-mind, every RC4Magic customer is assigned unique digital IDs to guarantee that no two system will ever interfere with each other, even if they are operating in the very same room.

Radio receivers are built into all RC4Magic dimmers and power drivers, with no dangling external antennas.  Connect a battery to the power input, the devices you want to control to the outputs, and the magic begins.

DMXio as Transmitter

DMXio as Transmitter

With the press of a button, the RC4Magic DMXio is either a DMX transmitter or a DMX receiver, and new systems always have one DMXio configured and labelled as a transmitter, for hassle-free set-up.  One DMXio transmits one complete universe of DMX, setting the stage for the widest range of receiver devices available for any system in the world.

Small and versatile RC4Magic DMX2dim 2-channel wireless dimmers and DMX4dim 4-channel wireless dimmers directly drive battery-powered lamps, LEDs, motors, relays, solenoids, and more at voltages from 6V to 24VDC.  A range of dimmer curves accommodate any application, including smooth, stepless, flicker-free LED dimming.  For larger loads, the DMX4dim-500 easily delivers 500W at voltages from 6v to 30VDC.

Fire and flicker effects are a big part of how wireless dimming is used everyday.  The RC4Magic DMX2flkr and DMX4flkr provide our powerful, DMX-controlled, RC4 Flkr Effects Engine.

The RC4Magic DMXfb is the most versatile wireless dimmer/power controller ever created: it can ring a telephone, dim EL-wire, and much more.

tech geeks will appreciate the RC4Magic DMXi2ca DMX gateway to the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Basic Stamp, PicAxe, and every microcontroller we know of.

Download the RC4Magic Series 2 User Manual PDF.

Wireless Low-Voltage Lamp and LED Dimming

Setting dimmer A on DMX2dim

Setting DMX2dim DMX Channels

DMX2dim and DMX4dim receiver-dimmers decode the rf signal from the DMXio transmitter, rebuild the DMX universe, and send user-assigned DMX channel levels to built-in low-voltage dimmers. Channel assignments are made with recessed pushbuttons. In addition to DMX channel, each dimmer can also be assigned a linear, inverse-square-law (ISL), or non-dim dimming curve. Linear is ideal for MR16s and other incandescent or halogen lamps; ISL is ideal for LEDs.

Any number of RC4Magic receivers, dimmers, and power drivers can be used in an RC4Magic Series 2 system.

RC4 Flkr Effects Engine

RC4Magic DMX2flkr and DMX4flkr with RC4 Flkr Effects Engine

RC4Magic DMX2flkr and DMX4flkr with RC4 Flkr Effects Engine

Fire and flicker effects are a big part of how wireless dimming is used everyday.  The RC4Magic DMX2flkr and DMX4flkr provide our powerful, DMX-controlled, RC4 Flkr Effects Engine.  From a candlestick to a fire barrel, it’s easy to configure multiple effects across your stage, with similar or entirely different appearances.  Using just a few DMX channels for control, you can quickly create the independent, non-repeating ebb and flow of natural flame or glowing embers with wide range of speed, intensity, randomness, and shimmer.  Generate the “buzz” of arc welding, the dance of light and shadow cast by a tv screen, a simple candle flame, and much more.  The RC4 Flkr Effects Engine is a tool for creating unique, personalized looks, not prepackaged or canned effects.

The Versatile DMXfb

DMXfb x 3

RC4Magic DMXfb

The RC4Magic DMXfb is the most versatile wireless dimmer/power controller ever created.  Yes, we realize that sounds like hype… so here are the facts:  this small wireless device can ring a telephone bell; silently and smoothly dim EL-wire and other electroluminescent materials (no buzz or hum at all!); control a DC motor with full direction and speed control; and smoothly dim lamps and LEDs, flicker free with no visible stepping.  In fact, the DMXfb is so versatile, it will do things nobody has asked for yet.  Yes, we realize that sounds like hype… but it’s true.

Outside the Box with the DMXi2c

For the tech geeks among us, the RC4Magic DMXi2c is a DMX gateway to the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Basic Stamp, PicAxe, and every microcontroller we know of (including products from Microchip, Atmel, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Rabbit, STMicro, and many many more).  To keep things simple, the DMXi2c connects to your hardware using the common I2C chip-to-chip communications protocol.  We programmed the DMXi2c to appear as external read-only memory, so you can use readily-available programming functions that come bundled with most programming environments and languages.  The first 512 memory addresses are the 512 channels of your wireless DMX universe.  Simply poll the DMXi2c for up-to-date DMX channel levels whenever you need them, right along side the other Rc4Magic devices in your show.

Data and System Security

Every RC4Magic Series 2 device is factory programmed with three unique system IDs, plus a public ID. These numbers are indicated on the outside of each unit. Only RC4Magic Series 2 units operating on the same ID number will communicate with each other. Many RC4Magic Series 2 systems can operate in the same space, each providing a separate DMX universe of 512 channels. With a DMXio configured as a transmitter on each private ID provided with a system, three separate 512-channel wireless universes can be broadcast. Up to 15 universes, each on their own ID, can operate in the same space. Using the public ID, multiple users can combine their devices to create one large wireless DMX system.

When adding new receivers to your RC4Magic Series 2 system, be sure to tell us your ID numbers.

Power-Up Sequence and Radio Channel Assignments

When an RC4Magic Series 2 DMXio transmitter first powers up, it scans the 2.4Ghz radio band, which supports many radio channels, looking for the channel with the least activity. It then sets itself to operate on that channel and begins transmitting encoded DMX packets using the user-selected ID number.

When an RC4Magic DMXio receiver first powers up, it scans all 2.4GHz radio channels looking for encoded signals from a DMXio with a matching ID number.

If a receiver does not detect valid data from a matching transmitter for 10 seconds, the start-up scan procedure is repeated. Thus, if the transmitter has been turned off and back on (or there has been a power failure) and it is now transmitting on a different radio frequency, the receiver will reconnect after a brief period.

Many RC4Magic Series 2 systems can operate at the same time in the same space, and each system will provide a separate 512-channel wireless DMX universe. In a space with little or no other radio activity, there is enough space in the 2.4GHz band to support fifteen RC4Magic Series 2 systems, each with any number of receivers and/or dimmers. Even in crowded rf environments there will usually be enough bandwidth for three or more RC4Magic systems to operate simultaneously.

Shop and Compare

Back in 1991, our SNET2 wireless dimming system was the only game in town.  By the mid-1990s our RC3 system was the industry leader.  And in 2005, when we release our first RC4Magic system, we were the only system with dimmers the size of a matchbox.  Today — 8 years later — competition has finally appeared.  Any smart shopper knows to shop around, compare features, and find the best fit for their needs. Here are a few questions to ask before investing in wireless dimming for your show:

What happens if someone else is using the same technology nearby, perhaps in a rehearsal hall upstairs, the theater next door, or even a pre-show event in the lobby?

Every RC4Magic Series 2 system is delivered with private unique digital IDs.  No two systems ever share the same IDs, and the pieces of different RC4Magic systems on their own IDs will never interfere with each other.  It is not possible for any user to intentionally operate on any other user’s IDs.  This is one reason RC4 technology is used in Disney theme parks and other mission-critical applications around the world.

How small are the dimmers?  Will they fit in a candle-stick?

DMX2dim removed from case

DMX2dim removed from case

The RC4Magic DMX2micro was designed to fit in a sconce sleeve.  It is a circuit-board, no case around it, and is just under 0.75″ wide.

The RC4Magic DMX2dim is just 2.35″ x 1.36″ x 0.80″.  To fit into custom props, you can take the circuit board out of the case, and it’s only 2.14″ x 1.14″ x 0.52″.  Taking the board out of the case does not void your RC4 lifetime warranty!

How critical is antenna positioning?  Is it difficult to ensure connectivity?

Our competitors give this a lot of attention, with clunky antenna connectors and cumbersome attachments for them.  Many pages of their manuals focus on using the right kinds of antennas, keeping them parallel, avoiding obstructions, and more.

RC4Magic does not burden you with any of that, And we don’t have anything dangling outside our little boxes to get in your way.  By using small omnidirectional antennas inside, we take care of all the rf issues for you — that’s our job, right?  Simply stay within 200 feet of our transmitter, and avoid shielding devices with solid metal on all sides.  That’s it!

What is the warranty? What if something goes wrong?

All RC4Magic Series 2 devices are warranted for life.  If you didn’t misuse or abuse it, we’ll fix it.  For free.  Forever.  Learn more.

Would you rather buy a new 1st-rev product, or a tried-and-true 4th-rev system with a lifetime warranty?

Ask any RC4 user what they would do.  Have a look at our customer list; see anyone you know?

Check out our very reasonable rental rates, and try before you buy.  We take care of everything, including shipping to your door for arrival on the day you specify.  Learn more about RC4 Rentals.

Download the PDF User Manual: RC4Magic Series 2 R3 User Manual R1.3A

* RC4Magic Series 2 received the Lighting Product of the Year award at the ABTT Theatre Show, London, England, in June 2009.