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What is Wireless Dimming?

Check out our informative tutorial and demonstration videos.


Why (or Why Not) 900MHz?

Learn more about RF bands (900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, etc.) and which one is best for your project.

RC4Magic-900 operates in the 902-928 MHz RF band, licensed ONLY for use in Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.  In other jurisdictions, including Europe, Asia, and Africa, our 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 3 systems is ideal.


Using batteries for power and wireless DMX for control, RC4Magic-900 wireless dimming puts lighting in costumes, props, set pieces, turntables, and more. Controlled from your DMX console, seamlessly integrated into your scenes and cues, RC4Magic-900 devices are transparent to the lighting designer, as responsive and robust as any other fixture in your show.

Avoiding the congested 2.4GHz band, 900MHz RC4Magic-900 wireless DMX is in a cleaner and less congested RF space, providing the very best performance possible while completely avoiding other mission-critical systems in the 2.4GHz band.

“Inspired by the Apple iPhone and the Leatherman multitool, RC4 Series 3 technology delivers unparalleled versatility to propsmasters and show electricians around the world.”

James David Smith, President and Chief Product Designer
RC4 Wireless



Every RC4Magic-900 user and project is assigned a set of unique and private RC4 System IDs.  Other users will never interfere with you, no matter how they have configured their equipment.  Their IDs are theirs; while your IDs are yours.

Learn more about RC4Magic secure private IDs.

Entirely avoiding the congested 2.4GHz RF band, RC4Magic-900 divides the range of frequencies from 902MHz to 928Mhz into 64 channels.  Using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital radio, any combination of 19 channels provides full bandwidth for an entire 512-channel universe.  User selected hop channels provides another levels data security, because all devices in a system must be configured exactly identically to function.

The nature of digital FHSS rf allows multiple systems to reliably operate, even when channel selections overlap.  At least three complete DMX universes, and often more, will easily operate without cross-talk or interference in the 900MHz band.

Lower radio frequencies propagate better than higher frequencies.  This means that with the same RF power, a 900MHz transmitter will provide substantially better range than a 2.4GHz transmitter.  In addition, the FCC has granted permission for RC4Magic-900 to transmit with four times the RF power of the 2.4GHz RC4Magic system.  All of this combined, reliable and useful range with RC4Magic-900 is three to four times better than RC4Magic.  Outdoors, the improvement is even more pronounced, making it the ideal choice for outdoor movie/film projects, theatre-in-the-park, and more.

RC4Magic-900 operates in the 902-928 MHz RF band, licensed ONLY for use in Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.  In other jurisdictions, including Europe, Asia, and Africa, our 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 3 systems is ideal.



If there is one thing we’ve learned in our 20+ years developing the world’s leading wireless dimmers, it’s that RC4 customers will forever re-invent what entertainment is, endlessly presenting new challenges for our technology.

All RC4 Series 3 devices, including RC4Magic-900, are the embodiment of innovations requested by customers like you for over two decades.

Learn more about all the features and functions built into every RC4 Series 3 device.  Discover RC4 Harmonized Design.


RC4Magic-900 DMXio Transceivers

As a system transmitter, the DMXio decodes the incoming DMX universe, encodes and encrypts it with your unique digital system ID, and broadcasts it using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital radio. Unlike wired DMX, the broadcast signal includes error checking and correction codes, and is not affected by minor interruptions and interference.

As a receiver, the DMXio decodes the rf signal from the transmitter, rebuilds the DMX universe, and regenerates a standard DMX signal with the same number of channels and the same packet rate as the data going into the transmitter. DMX in and out are compliant with USITT DMX512/1990.

Learn more about the RC4Magic-900 Series 3 DMXio.

Dimmers for Lamps, LEDs, Motors, Servo Motors, Relays, and More

Every RC4 Series 3 receiver/dimmer device is as small as possible, handles power as efficiently as possible, and performs almost any low-voltage task imaginable.  Simply put, nothing like this has ever been created before.

From the matchbox sized DMX2dim and DMX4dim workhorse devices, to the high-power DMX4dim-500, all RC4 Series 3 dimmers include all RC4 Harmonized Design features and functions:


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